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Care Matters

Care Matters is the national Carer Learning & Wellbeing Resource Service.  Care Matters provides current, relevant, practical information and workshops for carers/family/whānau of children and adults with disabilities.  Care Matters is a partnership between SAMS (Standards and Monitoring Service) and Parent to Parent. We are funded by the Ministry of Health and provide workshops nationwide, Kitchen Table groups and co-develop resources by families for families.  

Care Matters:

  • provides free workshops, at a time and location that suits you, anywhere in New Zealand
  • workshops can be tailored to a topic of your choice (ie. System Transformation, Enabling Good Lives, What’s available in my community? Managing Stress, Effective Communication, Working Effectively with Professionals, Transition from School, How Funding Works?, Education, Legal Issues …….just tell us what you want and we will organise it)
  • can organise guest speakers as part of the workshop (and cover costs involved)
  • provides opportunities to build connections with other carers/family/whānau in your area
  • workshops are provided by Facilitators with lived experience
  • co-produces resources by families for families (refer to the resources menu on the Care Matters website)
  • provides Kitchen Table sessions – where a Facilitator can return a number of times so that a group of families (6 – 10) can delve into a topic in more depth (ie. exploring alternative ways of getting a break, community development projects, etc.)
  • has carer networks and on-line e-leadership groups that feed into resource development

Who can attend?

  • People who are eligible for disability support services as determined by the Ministry funded NASC.
  • Carer(s) of people who are eligible to access disability support services
  • Relief carers who want to provide supports to disabled people and/or their carer(s)

We need 9 or more carers/family/whānau to run a workshop – however if you are interested in a specific topic/workshop but have less than 9 people – contact us as we will advertise it out to the wider community.

You can find out about current workshops and a range of resources by visiting the Care Matters website.