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Active children

active children

Both children and adults need to be physically active and eat healthily to live well. Check out the tips below and discover more about how to make sure your children exercise right so they can grow well.

Get active daily

Daily physical exercise will keep your child healthy. Children and young people should:

  • throughout each day, do 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • be active in as many ways as possible, for example, through play, cultural activities, dance, sport, recreation, jobs and going from place to place
  • be active with friends and whānau, at home, school and in their communities
  • spend less than two hours a day (out of school hours) in front of the television, computers, and game consoles.

This will help them to:

  • grow healthy, strong bones, muscles, and joints.
  • increase flexibility and balance.
  • grow and sustain healthy lungs and heart.
  • keep a healthy weight.
  • make friends and enjoy themselves.
  • develop good self-esteem.

Encourage physical exercise

  • Provide chances for your children to be physically active everyday, with play, cultural events, dance, sports, creative games around the house, household chores, and when travelling (e.g. riding a bike to school, walking to a friends, scooting or skateboarding to the dairy).
  • Try a range of activities to discover the ones that your child likes most. Encourage your child in every activity and offer positive feedback.
  • Engage in physical activity as a family and let every family member have a turn in choosing an activity to try.

Turn technology off

Try to limit your child's screen time (TV, mobile phone, video games, movies) to under two hours a day. Try to inspire children to be active in a range of ways, and as much as possible.

Be a role model

Your children look up to you, if you're physically active everyday, this will most likely rub off on your children and make them more active too.

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