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Good mental health

good mental health2

Good mental health is a sense of wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. It enables us to fully enjoy and appreciate other people, day-to-day life and our environment.

Good mental health involves:

  • Living in a place you like and can call home.
  • Having something that you believe is meaningful to do during the day.
  • Having at least one person you can talk to about anything.
  • Finding some joy in life and having fun now and again.
  • Seeing that you have choices and are able to make decisions about what you want to do.
  • Liking yourself – mostly.
  • Feeling that you are able to do most of the things you would like to do.
  • Taking a calculated risk now and again.
  • Having found a place in the world and feeling good about it.
  • Being able to make yourself feel better when you feel bad.
  • Having a sense that there is a purpose to life. 

There is no health without mental health

Without good self-esteem and a positive outlook on life – you cannot fully benefit from your physical health. And that has a lot to do with how you look at life.

When our mental health is strong, we respond better to life’s stresses and challenges, we are more creative, use our abilities to the fullest and make the most of opportunities. It helps us to more fully enjoy and appreciate the people and environment around us, and gives us the ability to feel, think and act in ways that make it easier to do this.

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