Where should I be? campaign

The ‘Where should I be?’ campaign is designed to provide members of the public in the Whanganui region with information about when and where to go for health care and advice. It's all about helping people to get the most appropriate health care for the illness or injury they are experiencing at the right place....first time. 

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The campaign focuses on providing clear, consistent messages across the Whanganui health sector and community by working with healthcare providers in both primary and secondary care. A number of campaign resources such as posters and brochures (see examples) have been developed for distribution and use throughout the community including in kohanga reo, schools and sports clubs. See links below for PDF campaign resources below.

A key driver for the campaign is to help manage demand for acute services in the region, with a key focus on reducing Whanganui Accident & Medical (WAM)/Emergency Department presentations for illnesses and injuries that could easily (and often more quickly) be treated by a patient’s GP or other primary healthcare provider, especially during the winter months.

The campaign resources use a ‘traffic light’ system as a way to visually and simply communicate messages about the options available for accessing health information or care, particularly if it is after hours or if people consider it to be urgent. The information also provides tips for how to keep you and your whanau well this winter such as videos (http://manageme.org.nz/healthy-living/healthy-homes/) about how to keep your home warm and dry, and therefore healthy.

If you or your organisation would like some of the resources, please download printable files from the links below or contact Whanganui Regional Health Network health promoter Anne Kauika on 06 348  0109 ext 729 or email akauika@wrhn.org.nz


Keep Well This Winter poster

Keep Well This Winter brochure

Unwell or injured? Where should I be? poster

Unwell or injured? Where should I be? brochure

Flu Vaccine Myths poster

Pre-school resources

Preschool - Injury and illness treatment and referral information poster

PreSchool - Coughs colds and temperatures brochure

Preschool - Head injury brochure

Preschool - Gastro / tummy bugs brochure

Preschool - Rashes brochure

Preschool - Cuts and wounds brochure

School resources

School - Injury and illness treatment and referral information poster

School - Coughs & colds brochure

School - Head injury brochure

School - Gastro / tummy bugs brochure

School - Cuts and wounds brochure

School - Allergies brochure


Sports resources

Sports - Injury and illness treatment and referral information poster

Sports - Injury booklet

Sports - Preventing injury insert


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