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Access Elevators

Lifts from the Access Elevator range are simple and cost effective, but quality is not compromised. The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder is made from non-corrodible stainless steel and is made to a length directly proportional to the total floor to floor height.

Our standard Magic Carpet ® platform system uses a handrail mounted on a floor that is buffered from flush & smooth lift well walls by a complete carpet overlay, it moves vertically within those stationary walls. Single-leaf hinged doors can be automatically driven and may be fitted on any face with the option of multiple doors at any landings. The lift well need only be semi-enclosed at the uppermost level.

The same water-hydraulic system drives our Cabin or Car models that use a satin anodised aluminium frame fitted with light-weight fibreglass décor wall panels and a Melteca ceiling fitted with Halogen down lights. Car entrance ways may be fitted with multi-scan monitor beams if required. Cabin models incorporate corner-mounted guides to maximise the car floor area and require the lift well walls to be flush lined only on the faces that incorporate landing doors.