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Active and Out There

"Active and Out There" is a compilation of Sport, Leisure and Fitness activities throughout Whanganui. It is supplied by Sport Whanganui and Green Prescription. Please contact Deb at Sport Wanganui for more information.

Active Families is a programme that helps you and your children/whānau to get active and learn about healthy eating. Through the Active Families programme you can receive:

  • Lots of fun ideas on how to get your family/whānau active
  • 1:1 family sessions with a coordinator
  • Access to weekly activity sessions
  • Access to a dietitian or nutritionist
  • Help with setting activity and eating goals
  • and the best part is it's FREE.

Getting involved is easy. Talk to your doctor, nurse school nurse or community health nurse.

Active Teens is a programme designed for young adults 14-18 years old who may have weight issues, health concerns or just want to have a support programme to get active. We provide support for you to get active and offer advice on healthy eating habits. You have access to the Splash Deck gym and pools under the Active Teens card. A gym programme can be provided and there are other local activities which we encourage to try. We help with ideas on healthy eating. Registering on the programme is easy.