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Alzheimers Whanganui

Alzheimers Whanganui takes a positive approach to living with dementia focusing on what the person is still able to do rather than what has been lost. We are the only organisation solely dedicated to supporting people affected by dementia in the Whanganui, Rangitikei and Waimarino region.

Alzheimers Whanganui is a not-for-profit organisation and is reliant on fundraising, donations from the local community (ie individuals and groups) and grants from Philanthropic Trusts.

Originally established in 1986 as a small informal carer support group, it was registered as an Incorporated Society in 1990 and gained registration with the Charities Commission in 2007. It is one of 21 autonomous member organisations of Alzheimers New Zealand. Members share a common Mission Statement, a Code of Ethics and Aims and all are signatories to the Alzheimers New Zealand Code of Practice.