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Aphasia New Zealand (AphasiaNZ) Charitable Trust

Don't know what aphasia is? You're not alone. Even though stroke-acquired aphasia affects at least 17,000 people in NZ, with many more acquiring aphasia from brain injury and brain tumour/disease, it is something that few have heard of, and even fewer have any knowledge about.

Aphasia is a language disorder, most commonly the result of a stroke that leaves the intellect fully intact while eroding the ability to talk, read, write, and understand what is being said. Aphasia affects not only those with the condition, but their wider family and whānau. Roles and relationships are thrown into disarray by the difficulties with communication that aphasia causes. The ability to do things which many take for granted such as to work and manage finances, is also affected.

While aphasia can affect anyone of any age it often affects older people, and the impact of aphasia when people are trying to support families can be devastating. AphasiaNZ is a national organisation which provides support, services, information, and education to people with aphasia and their families.