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Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation (ATR)

Our aim is to provide you and your whanau/family with the information you need, should you be a patient or visitor in our Assessment, Treatment & Rehabiliation (ATR) Ward.

We have a clinical nurse manager who works (Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm). The clinical nurse manager provides overarching leadership to support our team in providing you with the best care possible.
In line with Whanganui District Health Board’s overarching vision ‘better health and independence’, our team believe all people are entitled to the best quality care from a holistic perspective which takes into account cultural, spiritual and physical, emotional and social needs and that maximises their individual potential.
Model of care

When you are a patient or visitor in our ward you will notice that we use a ‘team nursing’ model for providing your nursing care. This includes a registered nurse who has overarching responsibility, an enrolled nurse, health care assistants and occupational therapy assistants. The team may vary at times depending on the level of skill required to care for you safely. You will always have a registered nurse who will have overall responsibility for your care and they will introduce themselves to you at the beginning of each shift.
Our model of care also includes input from the wider multidisciplinary healthcare team to ensure you get the best health outcomes possible. This includes doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, social workers, chaplains, ward receptionists and the Spotless Services staff who provide cleaning and food services.  All of the team are here to care for you while you are here and on your return home.