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Barnardos Whanganui/Palmerston North

With our unique blend of early childhood and social service expertise, we’re able to respond to children and families where they are at, and to provide services for all and more to those who need it most.

Through universal services such as early childhood education, we help children develop skills that set the foundation for a brighter future - whether this is the skills they need to successfully transition to school in their lives or the tools they’ll need to deal with the inevitable challenges that arise from time to time in all our lives.

Our more intensive and specialised social services supported children and families – including a number of the most vulnerable in our country - to deal with challenging and complex issues such as family violence and child abuse and neglect. This work can be around early intervention and involve something as simple as helping a parent to establish daily routines. Or it can mean working intensively over many months with the young men in our residential homes to help them deal with some very challenging behaviours and to set the foundation for a safe and successful adult life.

Tags: social work, parenting through separation, guardian, supervised contact.