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Bell Physiotherapy


Our focus is to serve you in the best possible way. From your first meeting, we take the time to listen and apply our knowledge of injury, anatomy and the way tissues behave when damaged. We then create an individualised programme to bring you back to your best in the fastest possible time. Critical to your success is understanding. It is one of our highest values that you are educated and involved in achieving your goals. We are not interested in people becoming dependent on quick fixes. If you ask a builder to repair your house, you expect them to do the job once and completely.

Physiotherapy is a forward looking profession, with high value placed on the evidence for treatments. Because of this, we attend regular courses and undertake peer reviews to prove that we are competent and skilled to call ourselves Physiotherapist. At Bell Physiotherapy you can be sure the treatment you receive is tried and tested, and applied with care and expertise. “Treating you better” means we are always looking to offer you the best that we can. If you come to Bell Physiotherapy, you will be treated as we would treat ourselves.