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Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand

Purpose: “To enhance the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy in NZ by empowering them to make their own choices” The Society fulfils an advocacy role, provides physical, social, emotional and educational means to assist members; Members with cerebral palsy are eligible for the following programmes.

Current programmes for members with Cerebral Palsy


To gain greater access into the community (6mthly roll-over) For getOutThere, in addition to being a financial member with Cerebral Palsy that you also have to part of a recognised Total Mobility Taxi program usually via the regional or local council or via the CCS Disability Action for access to the programme.


To assist members to help maintain their physical ability and fitness. (reapply 6mthly there is no automatic roll-over) getThis&That: To purchase smaller items that assist with managing the daily effects of cerebral palsy. (on receipt of vouchers note expiry date) get on your Trike: Designed for people aged 3-18 years who have cerebral Palsy flight for Trikes: To assist with flights to Auckland for final assessment & pickup of Trike. (using the above annual GetThis&That application of $200)


To assist members with cerebral palsy, and their primary family carer access short-term intervention for professional advice and support. getStructured: To financially assist parents to set up a legal framework (wills – POA – PPPR –Family Trusts) around their son or daughter with cerebral palsy. Grant Applications: where government funding has been declined/ not funded. Academic Grants: Annual applications commencing in October.