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Enable New Zealand

Enable New Zealand supports disabled people to live everyday lives with choice and independence in their communities.

Services include:

  • EASIE Living & Demonstration Centre (www.easieliving.co.nz)
  • Equipment management systems to support health delivery services.

On behalf of Ministry of Health:

  • Access to funding of equipment, housing alterations, vehicle purchase and modifications
  • Under 65 years Needs Assessment and Service Coordination
  • Access to national and localised disability information through the Firstport website – www.firstport.co.nz
  • Management of the Children’s Spectacle Subsidy Scheme
  • Management of Hearing Aid Services
  • Access for health professionals to disability research and information through the Disability Funding Information website – www.disabilityfunding.co.nz.

On behalf of ACC:

  • Management of the National Housing Modifications Service