Fit for Surgery, Fit for Life


Tama tu, tama ora

Tama noho, tama mate

The Fit for Surgery, Fit for Life programme is designed to support people in the Whanganui region, who possibly need hip or knee surgery to lose weight, so that if surgery is needed this can be done safely.

Having surgery is tough on your body, but being as fit and healthy as you can be, before surgery, helps both during the surgery and for the recovery afterwards.

When someone is not ‘fit for surgery’ their risk of complications increases. These can include increased bleeding, heart and breathing difficulties, wound infections, blood clots and a longer hospital stay.

Part of getting prepared for surgery includes :

  • Moving and getting as much regular exercise as possible
  • Eating well
  • Being smoke free
  • Reducing alcohol

Further information can be found in the Are You Fit for Surgery? brochure, or talk to your general practitioner (GP) or nurse.

The programme is currently for people who     are measured as having a body mass index   (BMI) over 40.  BMI is a measure of weight   for height and over 40 is the level   considered to put a patient at greater risk of   complications when having hip or knee   surgery.

 The Fit for Surgery, Fit for Life programme is   run by Sport Whanganui for Whanganui   Hospital. The programme uses a navigator   who works alongside the person to create   their plan. The navigator can also link the   person to other services that can help them.   The navigator then supports the person, helping them with motivation to  stay on track.

Please talk to your GP or hospital specialist if this programme may be right for you.

More information about keeping yourself fit and well can be found on the following websites: