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Epilepsy Association of NZ Inc

What do we do?

  • Educational services for professionals who work with people with epilepsy such as ambulance service staff, police, nurses and teachers
  • Community awareness through speaking engagements in community groups including service clubs, workplaces, school and recreational clubs
  • A national epilepsy helpline 0800 374 537
  • Information and support services, both face-to-face and over the phone
  • Educational programmes to increase the understanding of a person with epilepsy, their family and friends
  • Local branches offering various types of support and social groups
  • Seizure management planning that provides strategies to help the person with epilepsy gain control of their seizures and build confidence
  • Regular publications of information through newsletters, brochures, information sheets and our website www.epilepsy.org.nz

How do we do it?

Our professionally trained Epilepsy Information and Support Specialists provide support and information on epilepsy. This can be to the individual, their family / whāanau, schools, and places of employment, other health agencies or professionals.