Ngā Taura Tūhono Regional Stop Smoking Service

Whanganui Stop Smoking Service

We are a free service available to our community to help you achieve being smoke free. Although the process of quitting is a difficult one, the good news is that no matter how long you have been smoking or drinking too much alcohol for, you can experience major and immediate benefits when you quit smoking or cut down on the booze. Within just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your body starts to repair itself.

We have nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) available for free to assist you with stopping smoking such as nicotine patches, lozenges and gum. These are very useful at helping to reduce the craving for a cigarette.

We have a great team, who would love to help you live a happier, healthier life. Wellbeing coaches are unique and want to make it work for you! We want to help you through the difficult moments, with clear and practical advice and strategies.

Our clinic sites include:

  • The Quit Clinic - 49 Ingestre St, Whanganui
  • Te Oranganui - 57 Campbell St, Whanganui
  • Marton
  • Taihape Health
  • Waimarino Health,

 If you are a workplace, and want to have regular support  for staff we would love to come to you.

Our free services

The Stop Smoking Service will help you to find the best way to become smokefree and we will support you along the way.

Our free services include:

  • Free consults and follow up appointments
  • Free nicotine patches, lozenges and gum
  • Free carbon monoxide tests
  • Free quit books and quit calenders
  • Free smoke free signs for your house and car
  • Free information, advice and support on becoming smokefree and/or reducing your alcohol consumption

All of our services and products are free to anyone who lives, works or plays in the Whanganui Region who  would like to quit smoking or talk about their alcohol dependency. We understand that everyone is different and our dedicated team are here to help you for however we can and as long as you need us to.

Our other services

We can also provide you with information about prescription-only quit smoking medications, such as Champix and Zyban. If you are interested in using one of these medications, then we can refer you to your GP to discuss whether this would be a suitable option for you. For many people who are registered with a GP these appointments are free.

Please contact your local medical centre to see if you qualify. If your GP prescribes one of these medications for you, then you are still welcome to come and see one of our Wellbeing Practitioners for additional support. We also provide support and guidance for medium to moderate alcohol dependency. Call now to make an appointment or just drop in at a time that suits you.