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The Dentists

We are the dentists that New Zealand trusts to maintain their teeth and dental hygiene.

With six locations across the country, our dentists’ mission is to provide patients with professional, high quality, and pain-free dental treatments and services.

The Dentists uses the latest dental equipment available to provide our patients general and cosmetic dentistry solutions that truly make a difference. All of our dentists and dental staff bring years of experience to the practice, and everyone on our team undergoes continuous training, ensuring use of the most modern methods.

Our New Zealand dentists’ commitment is to your oral health & wellbeing. The combination of our experienced clinical staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to oral health wellbeing means you receive a high standard of dental care with a little bit of pampering.

To visit some of the best dentists New Zealand has to offer, Contact your local branch of the dentists today. Simply call, email, or drop by of our clinic locations to book your next appointment today. 

Whether you need a root canal, dentures or dental crowns, your local dentists are here to help. Our clinics offer a wide range of dental services and products to all our customers.

Schedule an appointment with the dentists today to learn more about the range of dental solutions we offer. For some of the best dentists NZ has to offer, look no further than the dentists. Contact us today.