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Whanganui Peoples Centre

The Whanganui Peoples Centre provides free advice, advocacy, support and information to beneficiaries and low-income workers when interacting with Government agencies such as Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) and Inland Revenue.

We give advice on the correct procedures to take when communicating with those agencies so that their queries and concerns are resolved as soon as possible. We assist clients to fill out and explain the meaning of the forms handed out by Government agencies. We advise clients on what entitlements and assistance they may be able to access.

We support and provide an advocacy service to ensure that our clients understand and receive their rights and entitlements. We can make a phone call for you, or even negotiate on your behalf. If you have problems communicating because you are shy, stressed out, or for some other reason – we can help.

Many of our clients come to us through referrals, community groups, MP’s offices, social workers and health workers.

We believe it is better for you and your support people to be informed of your entitlements and procedures before you go to Government agencies. We make ourselves available to make presentations at organisations, tertiary providers, churches, and community groups, etc. We can produce a lot of written material and run through all the different benefits, allowances and entitlements with you.

Anyone who feels they are having issues when communicating with Work & income or Inland Revenue, or just want to check out their entitlements whether on a benefit or are low-income workers – feel free to contact us.